The excursion for cruisers begins at Civitavecchia port, (45 miles from Rome). A comfortable Mercedes Limo Van, will be waiting you in front of your ship and after a relaxing trip to Rome, you will meet me to follow this special experience of visiting Rome with an Architect.
For first and exciting sightseeing of the Roman Empire remains on their 7 hills and valleys. The Ancient III century walls, the Caracalla Bath, the Circus Maximus between the Palatine Hill and Aventine Hill, the Celium Hill and finally, in a valley, the imposing Colosseum with its massive architecture. First stop in front of the triumphal Arch of Constantine.


The Colosseum. No word can express the effects of being in front of this unique marvel of the world. The Flavian Amphitheater known in later times as the Colosseum, came to symbolize the power and splendor of Imperial Rome. Once used to stage spectacular gladiatorial games, today is the symbol of Roman architecture. During my informative visit I will clarified and describe every single detail regarding the type of amusement performed, the constructive systems, the engineering, and the lifestyle of the Romans, their wives, their children,  their lovers. Moreover, the context in which the Colosseum was built and the reason why the Flavians decided to cancel Nero’s memory. The history of Rome has inspired movies, novels, serials, legends, but only with my visit you will know the real truth of the Colosseum.


Rome is most emphatically not a museum city, preserved in vacuum as a master piece. Rome, architecturally is a palimpsest and plainly evident upon the Capitol. Why we can state this on the Capitol? And why Michelagelo was called by the Pope Paul III to create a civic center on such an symbolic pagan hill.
The Roman Forum appears as a magic vision in front of us and in one sight we go back to the glorious days of Ancient Rome and to the cradle of western civilization. What was the Forum? Returning to our limo van we pass in front of the glazing white monument that commemorate the Italian Unity of 1870 and its King Victor Emanuel the Second. Why the Italians disregard this monument. The Trevi fountain will be our next stop. Why is there located and why so many coins?


The Vatican is our last stop, but time permitting we will try to visit the superb Pantheon.
If your will is to see the exceptional frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel, we have to enter the Vatican Museum. Only admiring the Ancient Art, we can comprehend the sculptural figures of the great ceiling. Why? Instead, which was the meaning of this symphony of bodies, sometimes naked and on others brutally covered?

Saint Peter’s Basilica will be the end of our visit. The biggest Christian church worldwide. Why such a gorgeous temple of Catholicism is in Rome located, despite Jesus Christ never came to Rome? Who was the founder of the first ecclesiastic center? Who were the masters of such an unique work of architecture?

You will find the answers in one day of visit with me and you will feel rich and gifted of having chosen to visit the Eternal City with an Architect.


You need a life to know Rome, but visiting Rome with an Architect, 2.700 years of history come to life in one day.