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Hi Ximena, Hope you are well! It’s Amanda (and Terry, Jude and Sol) here from Sydney. We arrived back about a week ago and are settling back into routine and awfully hot humid weather! Finally had a few moments to sit down at the computer so wanted to send you a quick...

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7 Desserts you can’t miss when visiting Rome

There is much more than just beautiful panoramas and stunning attractions in Rome: be ready to taste some of the most wonderful dishes you ever had. There are not only main dishes that you should try: today I am going to tell you about the beautiful desserts that...

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Ximena What a fabulous couple of days You made our trip so special ! Thank you Let’s hope we meet again Jonathan Lund Regional Vice President Hotel Operations - Canada  

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Top 10 plates you need to taste when in Rome

When traveling to the italian capital, one can get the chance to join some of the best Rome tours and to learn not only about arts and history, also many details about the local life. Learning about people’s culture and traditions is a great add-on to a basic trip. It...

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Many words may be said regarding the Pantheon, but visiting this magnificent sample of Ancient Roman architecture, is something different. Especially if you do it  with an Architect. The construction system of the Pantheon has been   a mystery for   for...

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The City in a day: join one of the best Rome Tours

Rome is Italy's capital city and undoubtedly one of the world's most beautiful cities. A visit to Rome is not only on pretty much everyone's bucket list, it is also a one and only experience. Not to say that it would stay in your heart forever. I have said it,...

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The top 4 museum in Rome you must see

It has been said multiple times - Rome is an open door museum. It is a stunning view for every first-time visitor, still astonishing the second time, overwhelming even for those who have been there many times. Roma has a huge concentration of museums, showcasing some...

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10 Places you can visit in Rome in one day

You find yourself in the most beautiful capital city in the World: Rome, also called the Eternal City. Rome is an open door museum, a city that offers stunning attractions at every corner. The italian capital caters for any sort of traveller: shall you look for...

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Vatican City tour the richest art collection in the World

Beautiful, stunning, magnificent. There are a million ways to describe Rome, the Eternal city. Centuries of history, arts and social changes have contributed to building what is today the busy city of Rome. But wait! This is not just a city, it is an open door museum....

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