Rome On Scooter Tour – Ride a Vespa


By the 8th century BC, shepherds and farmers lived on four of Rome’s seven hills. As the population grew, the valleys were occupied by the Forums and continue toward the northern Plain on which was created the Monumental Rome. Our scooter tour will follow this evolution, beginning with the hills, first the Qurinal, continues with the Capitol, we leave our scooters for a while to climb the cordonata, of the Campidoglio square designed by Michelangelo, and stretched out beyond we will see the ruins of the Roman Forum.
We get back to our motorcycles and continue to the Esquiline. Stop to observe and photograph the most emblematic monument of Rome, the Colosseum.

Back to the scooters to drive between the Palatine and the Celian to reach Caracalla Baths, the Ancient Wall of Rome and one of the 16 ancient gates.
Up to the Aventine, from where we will observe the Circus Maximus and the Augustus’s Palace on the Palatine. We cross the Tiber river and start to ascend the Gianicolo a “gate hill” the tallest of Rome, but not one of the 7. Stop at Piazza Garibaldi, to have one of the most spectacular views of Rome.


Driving downward to the Tiber river, we cross it to reach the plan of the ancient Campus Martius.

Our first stop: Navona Square, one of the most emblematic urban palimpsest in Rome and the 1st century stadium for athletic displays that became a baroque square.

“No other piazza in Rome can rival the theatricality of Piazza Navona” wrote someone in the past.

Time permitting we continue through lanes and squares to the Pantheon, stop to enter the “temple of all gods” designed and built by Hadrian in the 2nd century, and one of the most extraordinary samples of Ancient architecture.

This tour is Aprox, 4 Hours.


Enjoy Rome as Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holidays”. You will be driven by an expert Vespa driver to offer you the relax and joy of admiring Rome. The Architect guide will lead the   group in her own Vespa and through headsets you will hear her narrations.