Ximena Amarales

Licensed Tour Guide of Rome

ximenaI am Ximena Amarales an Architect with a Master degree in Urbanism. The Master’s degree Thesis was “Patrimony & Public spaces, social use of the squares in Rome”

Rome has been my home city since 1984, when I came to work as an Architect, profession that I developed for 15 years. Many circumstances invited me to start studying Roman art and history and in 1999 I became a License Guide of this city that I considered a paradigmatic and master city in the world.

20 years of studies in Rome Ancient history and archaeology, Renaissance and Baroque art, has given me almost a new way of looking life. I am sure that you will rejoice Rome through my explanations, descriptions and lectures, because I will built up for you centuries of events, art, architecture, political and ludic facts. Moreover a visit with me will give you the possibility to enjoy Rome as Romans do,   sharing with you their customs, traditions, uses and fun. My walking or Vespa tours are cultural but with fun and joy.

My itineraries are tailored to fulfil and to enrich your dream with professionalism

My private tours of Rome have the passion of someone who loves the History, the Art and the Secrets of Rome.  Your time in Rome is precious and sometimes even a life-long dream, so customisation is my hallmark. My Roman itineraries are carefully studied and well planned to maximise your time in the Eternal city. My itineraries are tailored to fulfil and to enrich your dream with professionalism.


  • My Rome Tours are organised according to the customers’ needs. Not only do I share with them and their family my knowledge to provide an immediate experience of art in an accessible and interesting manner, but I also offer them the basic tools to engage with the language of the artists.
  • With my Rome tours you will appreciate not only the beauty of the Eternal City but you will be able to learn the significance of the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, of each monument, temple, building, square, painting or sculpture. With my help, you will feel the emotions that inspired each creation.
  • My Rome tours are arranged with care, elegance and simplicity. Together we will follow the footsteps of Julius Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius and Nero, walking along the Via Sacra and rebirthing Idis of March in the Roman Forum. With my Rome tours you will enjoy and understand the imposing architecture of the Coliseum, following the gladiatorial games, learning about the hidden goals of these spectacles in the social life of the Roman Empire.
  • With my Vatican Tour, you will avoid queues and chaos and be introduced to the political and artistic life of the pontifical era. Here you will be treated to the stories and secrets of the Popes and their entourage. You will rejoice the nobility, magnificence and perfection of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, the grandeur and monumentality of the Renaissance and the Baroque in  Peter’s Basilica and the masterful work of Bernini.

Additionally, I am specialized in two unique Rome Tours

  • Excursions for Cruisers from Civitavecchia Sea Port: would like a personalized and private tour of Rome in one day.
  • My amazing Scooter Tour in Rome: a unique and unforgettable way of touring Rome on a moped driven by expert Roman drivers.