My Family tours of Rome are focused on the child’s and minor’s goal of a trip: joy, fun, enchanting and captivating stories. My years of experience have given me the capacity to understand family’s need and dreams: to visit Rome as a holiday and not as a job. So every one of my visits are spiced with images, drawing, photographs of the actors of Roman history. The Ancient Emperors as Augustus, Tiberius or leaders like Julius Caesar were portrayed by their contemporaries and I will illustrate them to the families and children. Beside this, every building of Ancient Rome will be built up, through my  exceptional books.

The kids that visit the Colosseum with me, become delighted with my theatrical explanations, full of details     and stories regarding the gladiatorial games, the hunting of wild animals and the death of criminals. No movie expresses the real facts and the exciting background of the gladiators of Rome as my narration.