10 Places you can visit in Rome in one day

10 Places you can visit in Rome in one day

You find yourself in the most beautiful capital city in the World: Rome, also called the Eternal City.

Rome is an open door museum, a city that offers stunning attractions at every corner.

The italian capital caters for any sort of traveller: shall you look for history, arts, adventure and even breathtaking landscapes –

Rome is the perfect destination for your trip!

Well, you obviously know that it is pretty much impossible to see everything Rome has to offer in only one day of visiting. I know of people that have been to Rome 5 times and still claim they did not get the whole picture!

There is though a chance to visit some of the best landmarks in one day only. Today I am going to share with your the perfect itinerary that covers 10 places to visit in Rome in just one day.

Ready? Here we go!