3 things you didn’t know about the Vatican Museums in Rome

3 things you didn’t know about the Vatican Museums in Rome

3 things you didn’t know about the Vatican Museums in Rome

A must stop for every tourist in Rome, a state inside the city. What am I talking about? It is the Vatican city, of course.

This small country of its own sits right in the middle of the Roman culture, arts and history, with its boundaries enclosed in the – let’s say it – nicest city of the world.

There are many sites one can visit within the siege of the Catholic church: a magnificent square, the porch and the columnade that are called after St Peter, and then again fountains, gardens, statues and many more landmarks. Plenty to choose from and many different itineraries, so that you can come back many times and discovering always different spots.

One amongst all those beautiful places is one that certainly cannot be missed when in Rome: it is the Vatican Museums, showcasing a massive collection of art pieces, historical mementos and ancient objects from different times in history.

There are a million information that you can read about this place, but also a lot of secrets about the Vatican Museums that nobody will tell you about.

No one but me!

Ready to hear some? Here we go.

  • Michelangelo’s paintings are not only representing saints or angels.

I am not going fool, don’t worry. The Sistine Chapel is the best example of Michelangelo’s talent and a majestic work of art. The artist was able, together with his crew, to paint over a 5000 square meters ceiling and just over 300 human figures. As you just learned, it was not only saints and angels: many of the humans represented were in fact inspired by people living in Michelangelo’s times. Politicians, lawyers and other important citizens but one stands against them all: did you know that Jesus face in the infamous Giudizio Universale belongs in fact to Tommaso de’ Cavalieri, which was said to be the artist’s lover?!

  • There are way more visitors than you would expect

You are getting it right: there are a huge number of tourists visiting the Vatican museums everyday. And the number is increasing year by year.

There are in fact over 27 thousand visitors getting inside the Vatican every single day: just as if a medium-large town will go on a day trip there everyday! Impressive, and crowded of course. You can probably tell once you see the queue at the ticket office. The museums are open every single day (but on Sundays and catholic holidays) since 1771: can you work out how many tickets get sold in a year time?!

  • The Museums had some special closing date, which was neither a Sunday or a catholic holiday.

As just mentioned, the Vatican Museums were opened to the public for the first time in 1771 by Pope Clemens XIV and they have been open every day since. Every day but one: curiously, in 1938, Pope Pius XI decided to close the museums exceptionally on a week day. That was the day when Adolf Hitler, dictator from Germany, came to Rome on a visit. The Pope’s intention was to forbid the dictator’s access to such richness and beauty. And in fact he managed to do so.

So, tell me: did you know any of those special secrets about the Vatican Museums?! I bet you didn’t. But I will tell you more: there are a whole bunch of other curiosity about the Vatican City and other must visit spots in Rome I am happy to share with you.

So now you have 2 choices: keep reading this blog or book a customized tour around Rome.

Which one will you pick?

Top 10 plates you need to taste when in Rome

Top 10 plates you need to taste when in Rome

When traveling to the italian capital, one can get the chance to join some of the best Rome tours and to learn not only about arts and history, also many details about the local life.

Learning about people’s culture and traditions is a great add-on to a basic trip. It makes the difference between just visiting and deep exploring your destination.

But when it comes to Rome, you cannot expect to just visit the city. It is just as natural to also mix in with the locals and feel that Roman Holidays vibe.

Well, why don’t you just book my special Vespa tour in Rome and plan a customized itinerary through the city’s best highlights?

Not only sightseeing: we can also stop over to have some of the best street food in Rome and an amazing taste of the regional cuisine.

Here’s the top 10 plates you need to taste when in Rome.


The City in a day: join one of the best Rome Tours

The City in a day: join one of the best Rome Tours

Rome is Italy’s capital city and undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. A visit to Rome is not only on pretty much everyone’s bucket list, it is also a one and only experience. Not to say that it would stay in your heart forever.

I have said it, multiple times. Visiting Rome in one day is pretty hardcore, but there is still a chance for you. There is plenty to fill a day with sightseeing in Rome.

You just need to you plan things wisely – believe me, it isn’t hard at all.

I couldn’t think of anything better that exploring the most beautiful spots in Rome in just a day: could you?


The top 4 museum in Rome you must see

The top 4 museum in Rome you must see

It has been said multiple times – Rome is an open door museum. It is a stunning view for every first-time visitor, still astonishing the second time, overwhelming even for those who have been there many times.

Roma has a huge concentration of museums, showcasing some of the best art and sculpture examples in the whole World. Our tour will take you around exploring the 4 museums in Rome you must see.

There are no such beauties anywhere else: visiting Rome is a one and only experience, like no other. Huge open spaces, theatres, classical landscapes, egyptian obelisques, roman arches, basilicas and ancient ruins. All of the above and much much more.

Whether you are in town for one day only, one full week or whether you are planning on staying for the rest of your life, there are definitely 4 museums in Rome you must see.


Private tour guide in Rome with an architect.

Private tour guide in Rome with an architect.

Rome, the Eternal city, is an evolving and never ending metropolis. It is a stunning destination and it’s on every traveler’s bucket list.

You surely need to pay a visit to magnificent Rome at least once in life.

There is so much to do and see in Rome that one short visit won’t pay enough justice. Historical sites, romantic panoramas, a busy street life – all give Rome its special vibe.

Visiting Rome is a true luck and you do not want to spoil it. Rome is like a huge outdoor museum and you need the make the best of your trip. Having a customized private Rome tour  planned out will help you visit most favourite landmarks in the Eternal City. All this while deeply understanding its spiritual features, artistic influences and architectural prospects.

Do not want to miss a thing? Your best option is to hire a personal tour guide in Rome.